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2017. május 22.

05 05 2017


Actors of local economy conferred at Bőszénfa on possibilities of economic development. Current challenges of food industry and marketing opportunities of local products were targeted primarily at Bőszénfa the Game management unit of Kaposvar University. The participants consider the improvement of marketing of local products to be important – not differentiating between small or larger producers. The representatives of South Transdanubian Regional Food Innovation Cluster, Kaposvar University, Kaposvar Municipality, National Agricultural Chamber, “Kaposvár Kincse” and „Zselic Kincse” cooperatives as well as more food industry enterprises took part on the event. 

2017. május 22.

25 4 2017

Members of South Transdanubian Regional Food Innovation Cluster visited Debrecen on 24th April, where they met the management of Pharmapolis Innovative Food Industry Cluster. The aim of the visit was primarily to learn how to develop further from the cluster of Debrecen that was founded in 2008 and also comprises of food industry related companies in highest number.

The meeting was important and useful for providing information for further development of South Transdanubian Regional Food Innovation Cluster not only in terms of its operation but also to improve cooperation of members, utilisation of project funds.


2017. május 22.

7 4 2017


9th Local Product Day was organised by Somogy county directorate of National Agricultural Chamber, Kaposvar University and South Transdanubian Regional Food Innovation Cluster on 6th April. Food products (cheese, bread, honey, smoked meat) and handcrafts (ceramics, nature cosmetics) of local producers could be found.


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