FINO-FOOD Ltd. the milk processing company in Kaposvár started its milk procession in 2006 in the chief town of Somogy county. The production started by reconstructing and renovating the building of the former milk company. It now provides jobs for 130 people or so. The establishment possesses ISO, HACCP and high level of IFS food safety qualifications. As a medium-sized enterprise it is in full Hungarian ownership; it is controlled by one family. Thanks to its successful operation in the last years its revenue increases from year by year; in 2010 it reached 6 billion forints. Besides the local small shops it sells its dairy products to large chain of stores like Match, Auchan, Cora, Tesco, Lidl or Metro. Fino-Food Ltd. has participated in school milk scheme for years by which it helps educating children for healthy diet. For promoting healthy lifestyle and sports, the company became the eponym sponsor of the male volleyball team of Kaposvár in this season.

Our most recent products are ESL milk in cartons, butter cream in two flavours, and sandwich cream in three flavours. For some of its partners it produces private label products, for example milk and sour cream. For producing their ESL milk in cartons the company performed an investment worth around 1 billion forints in 2008, for which they gained European Union financial support as well. Thanks to the gentle processing, their ESL milk with long shelf life can be kept for a longer period of time. Besides, the important components for health and the delicious ‘milk-taste’ remain in the product. The company installed a whey concentration machine as the latest technological development. This investment was realized within the framework of New Hungary Rural Development Programme. The enterprise received a 50% subsidy from the ‘Added Value to Agricultural Products’ proposal.

The cluster’s committee chairmanship is linked to CEO Egyed László who is a recognized and well-known personage of his profession. The members selected him unanimously as chairman. His aim is to facilitate the economical strengthening of the cluster members in the region by representing the interests of small- and medium-sized enterprises in food industry.