The overall aim of South-Transdanubian Regional Food and Innovational Cluster: to respond to economic challenges of the region and to increase its competitiveness in the domestic and international environment in a way that the role of defending interests against multinational companies would strengthen as well as the customers’ demand for domestic and local products would increase.

The cluster organization, founded in the cluster session on 12th April, 2011, came into being with the purpose to raise customers’ demand for domestic and local products and to advance that by involvement of financing projects. By elaborating concrete project ideas, generating projects, preparing mutual investments and by the possibility of development of food of strategic importance (functional, ecological, traditional) with high added value and by the possibility of development of unbranded products (cheap basic; lower priced products, products that are not criticizable considering food safety) it should strengthen the appearance of market.

Organizational and Operational Regulations of the Cluster


Services provided by cluster management to cluster members:


  • legal and operation related documents of the cluster
  • recruitment and support of decision on new members
  • checking call for proposals, searching for funds, cooperations and partaking options
  • coordination of mutual energy purchase options
  • representation of DDRÉI cluster
  • cooperation with local actors of economic development
  • organisation of events and promotion of events
  • representation of cluster members on events
  • newsletters for cluster members
  • cluster webpage

News, events

2017. május 22.
05 05 2017   Actors of local economy conferred at Bőszénfa on possibilities of economic development. Current challenges of food industry and marketing opportunities of local products were targeted primarily at Bőszénfa the Game management unit of Kaposvar University. The...
2017. május 22.
25 4 2017 Members of South Transdanubian Regional Food Innovation Cluster visited Debrecen on 24th April, where they met the management of Pharmapolis Innovative Food Industry Cluster. The aim of the visit was primarily to learn how to develop further from the cluster of...
2017. május 22.
7 4 2017   9th Local Product Day was organised by Somogy county directorate of National Agricultural Chamber, Kaposvar University and South Transdanubian Regional Food Innovation Cluster on 6th April. Food products (cheese, bread, honey, smoked meat) and handcrafts (ceramics,...